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Event: Nailing the Pitch

Nailing the Pitch

Thursday, January 24th from 6:30 – 8.00 pm

You have spent many months building out your product, testing your MVP and refining your marketing funnels, now it’s time to take this bad boy to the next level – enter investor with the capital you need to execute on scale.

A killer pitch can make or break your chances of raising capital. Whether its a pitching dinner, a VC’s boardroom, an event or a single angel investor, to convince them you and your company are a worthy investment you need to be able to pitch your idea effectively, efficiently and convincingly. In this 90 minute class, you will learn what goes into a pitch, how to present it and take some time to practice your pitch.

In this class, students will learn: 

  • At which stage you should begin pitching
  • How to manage and maintain control within the pitching process
  • What to have ready for your pitch
  • How to practice pitching until it’s perfect

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